Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Most plants do not supply enough sodium for livestock and horses so supplementation is vital. Lack of salt causes poor appetite and low performance, muscle cramps and general unthriftiness. Animals deficient in salt and other essential minerals can sometimes show symptoms such as licking wood and stones or eating soil and bark.

 Hard Himalayan salt lumps. Easy to metabolise. May shine animal coats all year round. No anti-coagulants, free flow agents or sweeteners like molasses or urea. Depending on pastures available, a 33 kg bag of lumps could last up to 1 month for 50 steers under 300 kg.

Offer your livestock premium grade Himalayan rock salt lump; the pink color comes from the minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium which are present along with the sodium chloride. These hard salt lumps are more weather resistant than softer blocks and this also means stock cannot bite chunks off.
Himalayan salt mines yield different colors salt lumps and boulders. These raw salt lumps and boulders are excavated manually from salt mines in different weights. Normally lumps excavated from salt mines weigh from 1 kg to 2 tons and some time more than this. The main hurdle to excavate bigger weight lump is to pull them out from 1800 meters underneath the ground as all the excavation transportation of the lumps and boulders is done manually using the improvised method prevalent from centuries. There is no modern machinery available to make use of that.
There are different natural colors of these Himalayan salt lumps which includes: Orange , pink, light pink, red, snow white , gray and multi colors.
Khalidmaqbool.com extracts the premium quality Himalayan Rock salt lumps from the Foothills of Himalaya and crushes and filters the best Rock Salt from the nature’s gift in Himalaya’s Salt Mines. It is 100% natural. Himalayan Rock Salts Lumps are readily available for your use. You can use it the way you want.
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