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Himalayan Fine Salt is considered to be the most pure form of whole salt on the planet. Having never been exposed to impurities, and protected deep within the Himalayas for millions and millions of years, we take pride in our artisan quality, keeping it true to its pure nature. was formed from the primordial ocean during a time of great tectonic pressure.  This is important today, as even the highest quality sea salts come from current ocean waters that can contain heavy metals and harmful pollutants, and differ greatly from Himalayan Salt, also known as pink salt, Himalayan pink salt, Himalayan rock salt, Himalayan sea salt, Himalayan crystal salt.
Himalayan Fine Salt comes from one specific location in the East Karakoram range of the Himalayan Mountain in Pakistan. It was formed millions of years ago when the ancient sea dried up and has never been exposed to pollutants. Formed under extreme pressure, Himalayan fine salt has a near perfect crystalline structure and vibrational energy.
In 2006, became the exclusive exporter of Himalayan Fine Salt. is over 250 million years old and its natural state is nutrient rich containing all the beneficial trace elements and minerals. This mineral content perfectly mimics the body's natural salinity level and fine salt doesn't burden our bodies, but instead, releases 84 trace elements and nutrients the body can easily absorb and make use of. Also, unlike table salt, this fine salt does not pull excessive amounts of water from our cells, meaning the body will not become overly dehydrated by consuming it on a regular basis.
Use fine or coarse ground Himalayan Salt like any other salt seasoning, for pickling, as an exfoliating skin wash, or in salt water baths.  Besides containing all 84 elements found in your body, Himalayan fine salt also:
Helps regulate heartbeat.
Prevents muscle cramps.
Helps to maintain firmness in bones.
Balance blood sugar and pH acid levels.
Helps regulate the electrolyte balance of cells.
Our Fine Salt is naturally hand-mined, washed, sun-dried, and stone ground with great care. It has become the first choice for many of the world’s renowned chefs for enhancing the flavor of their signature cuisine. salt is packed in a convenient eco-friendly biodegradable cellophane bag and can easily be refilled into your favorite salt container (preferably with a few rice grains to avoid caking)
Himalayan fine salt, also known as pink salt or natural salt is organic and natural. It consists of a perfect geometric structure similar to that in our bodies, because we have 70% salt and water inside the human body, in the same proportion as Himalayan fine salt. It contains no additives or chemicals and is the most natural eating salt available on this planet, Suitable for those who prefer to add a natural mineral salt to their cooking and meals. Himalayan fine salt is pure, unpolluted, without environmental impact – from a time when the earth was pristine. The fine salt contains no impurities from environmental pollution as may be in sea salt and not stripped of vital elements as standard table salt.
Fine salt helps to balance the body’s pH levels, and can lead to significant positive changes to respiratory, circulatory and nervous system functions among st others.

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